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Detention: "secure" care for juveniles accused of delinquent acts until their trial and placement.

Shelter Care: a safe haven for abused, neglected, runaway and "throwaway" kids.

Group Home: long term treatment and rehabilitation for children who deserve a second chance.

On-Campus School: comprehensive education program provided by the LA Department of Education ã°¥cial School Programs.

Aftercare: follow up on each child to keep kids on track.

Service Provided Detention Group Shelter
24-hour Intake / 24-hour Supervision Yes Yes Yes
Boys (ages 11 to 17) Yes Yes Yes
Girls (ages 11 to 17) Yes Yes Yes
Medical Assessment at Intake Yes Yes Yes
Medical - Routine Care Yes Yes Yes
Psychiatric Consultation Yes Yes Yes
Individual Counseling As Needed Yes Yes
Group Therapy No Yes Yes
Sexual Abuse Counseling As Needed Yes Yes
Drug Abuse Counseling Yes Yes Yes
Family Counseling No Yes Yes
Behavior Modification No Yes Yes
Religious Opportunity Yes Yes Yes
Volunteer Support Yes Yes Yes
Suicide Assessment Yes Yes Yes
CASA As Needed As Needed As Needed
Allowance (clothing, etc.) No Yes Yes
Food Service Yes Yes Yes
Employment Placement No Yes No
Off-Campus Activities No Yes Yes
Recreation Yes Yes Yes
Independent Living Skills Yes Yes Yes
Transportation Medical Yes Yes
HIV/AIDS Education Yes Yes Yes
MAYSI II Assessment Yes No Yes
Mental Health Assessment Yes Yes Yes
Special School Programs (on-campus school) Yes Yes Yes
Health and Wellness Education Yes Yes Yes
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