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Programs & Services

Detention: “secure” care for juveniles accused of delinquent acts until their trial and placement.
Shelter Care: a safe haven for abused, neglected, runaway and “throwaway” kids.

Group Home: long term treatment and rehabilitation for children who deserve a second chance.

On-Campus School: comprehensive education program provided by the LA Department of Educational School Programs.

Aftercare: follow up on each child to keep kids on track.

Service ProvidedDetentionGroupShelter
24-hour Intake / 24-hour SupervisionYesYesYes
Boys (ages 11 to 17)YesYesYes
Girls (ages 11 to 17)YesYesYes
Medical Assessment at IntakeYesYesYes
Medical – Routine CareYesYesYes
Psychiatric ConsultationYesYesYes
Individual CounselingAs NeededYesYes
Group TherapyNoYesYes
Sexual Abuse CounselingAs NeededYesYes
Drug Abuse CounselingYesYesYes
Family CounselingNoYesYes
Behavior ModificationNoYesYes
Religious OpportunityYesYesYes
Volunteer SupportYesYesYes
Suicide AssessmentYesYesYes
CASAAs NeededAs NeededAs Needed
Allowance (clothing, etc.)NoYesYes
Food ServiceYesYesYes
Employment PlacementNoYesNo
Off-Campus ActivitiesNoYesYes
Independent Living SkillsYesYesYes
HIV/AIDS EducationYesYesYes
MAYSI II AssessmentYesNoYes
Mental Health AssessmentYesYesYes
Special School Programs (on-campus school)YesYesYes
Health and Wellness EducationYesYesYes